Duties and Responsibilities of the organization

  1. Collect, and assist other agencies in  the collection of, statistical data through censuses, sample surveys, administrative records and continuous registration; process, compile, analyze, publish and disseminate the results thereof;
  2. Prepare periodically short, medium and long-term national statistical programs and draft budgets and upon approval, execute the programs within the given budget and monitor their implementation by other government agencies and institutions;
  3. Provide advisory services on statistical activities to government agencies or institutions and private organizations upon request;
  4. Undertake studies and research  using statistical methods and ensure the utilization of the results thereof;
  5. Provide appropriate basic short-term training to personnel of government agencies and institutions, non-governmental organizations and the private sector who are engaged in statistical activities;
  6. Issue and follow up the implementation of programs and directives with a view to improving the country’s statistical system and to avoid duplication of efforts in statistical activities;
  7. Prescribe the system for the collection, compilation, classification and flow of statistical data; determine the type and particulars of statistical data to be collected and the period of collection; and evaluate and monitor all progress in these activities.
  8. Maintain internationally accepted standards with respect to the statistical data collected in the country in order to make them comparable to data  produced by other countries, international organizations and the United Nations;
  9. Ensure that the data collected through national censuses and surveys meet the demands of regional states;
  10. Upon request, provide assistance in guiding and coordinating the statistical work of regional states  in matters pertaining to  data collection, organization and analysis, preparation of publications and dissemination of statistical data; and follow up the establishment of statistical registration system;
  11. Solicit financial, material and technical support from other countries and international organizations for carrying out statistical activities and submit same for the approval of the Ministry;
  12. Cooperate with international organizations, government agencies and institutions and other organizations,  ensuring they cover certain costs and set priorities, in undertaking specific surveys falling outside the scope of its plans and programs;
  13. Provide the necessary advice to statistical training institutions on the use of external technical assistance programs (including fellowships in training) in all branches of statistics;
  14. Design and monitor the implementation of statistical recording and reporting systems to be used by government agencies or institutions and other organizations;
  15. Collaborate with national professional associations in the fields of statistics and  related disciplines and sponsor statistical conferences and other appropriate events;
  16. Require payment of service charges for the dissemination of survey and census results and for accessing raw data;
  17. Advise the government of all matters of statistical activities;
  18. Perform such other activities assigned to the ESS under other provisions of this Proclamation or by other relevant laws; and ensure the application of statistical laws, regulations and directives.

Responsibilities of Providing Statistical Information

Under proclamation number 442/2005, sub article number 16, everyone has an obligation to provide statistical information to the ESS:

  1. Any business organization holding a business license or applying for a new one shall have the obligation to register by entering data pertaining to its general status in a questionnaire or form issued by the Authority and presented to it through the licensing government agency;
  2. Any person required by the Agency to furnish statistical data shall provide the data within the time specified by the Agency.
  3. The owner or possessor of any land, building, commercial vehicle, airplane, vessel or dwelling house shall have the obligation to allow access to the employee or representative of the Agency, upon presentation of his identification card or letter of authorization issued by the Agency, for the purposes of statistical data collection during the time form 6:00 a.m. to 6: 00 p.m.
  4. Any person or government agency or institution shall furnish statistical data through an interview, telephone or postal inquiry when so requested by the Agency.
  5. Statistical data to be furnished by any person shall be accurate and complete and shall be obtained within the time limit specified by the Agency and free of charge.
  6. Any data producer shall have the obligation to fill in, sign and return a questionnaire when so requested by the Agency.
  7. Any person or government agency or institution shall be obliged to submit to the Agency copies of reports of statistical surveys undertaken by it.