The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the average change in the price paid byconsumers for

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A national statistics system (NSS) is a coordinating framework within which the essential statistical data

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Ethiopian Manufacturing Industries Export Earning is in Deficit

Ethiopian manufacturing industries earnings from export is five times less than its expense for purchase of raw materials from abroad.

According to the recent manufacturing industries survey, (LMIS 2021/22), the annual export earning of the sector is around 8 billion ET. Birr, whereas the amount expended by the sector for importing its raw materials is about 41 billion ET. Birr. Read more

 Women Paid Employees in Ethiopia Earn 2/3 of Males

The national urban average per month of total earnings of paid employees was 5657 Eth. Birr in 2022.Woman paid employees average earning was 4414 Eth. Birr while that of the male was 6525 Eth. Birr. Read more…

 What is the Youth Unemployment Rate in Ethiopia?

 The unemployment rate for persons aged 15-29 years in urban areas of the country was 27.2 percent which was higher than that of the general unemployment rate (18.9 percent). Woman youth unemployment rate in urban areas of Ethiopia was two times higher than their male counterparts in 2022. Read more